Designer Whey Aria Chocolate Wmns Protein (1x12OZ )


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Naturally and Artificially Flavored. You have chosen the number 1 -selling, best tasting protein powder in America today. Just scoop, stir, and serve. Designer Whey mixes easily with a spoon. No blender needed. 97% Lactose free and suitable for most anyone with lactose intolderance. Designer Whey is amazingly versatile – for drinks, shakes, muffins, cereal or pancakes. Use 1-3 scoops of Designer Whey, 2-3 times a day, depending on your bodyweight, metabolic status, workout program, diet and recovery needs.Quickly Digested, Easily Absorbed APT-Full Spectrum Whey Peptides: Quick to fix. Easy to mix. With new 100% non-denatured WPI-98 – gram for gram the most nitrogen containing protein in the world. Clinically proven Designer Whey delivers what no other protein supplement can today. APT – Full Spectrum Whey Peptides. Peptides, short and long chains of amino acids bonded together – are the preferred method for the human body to absorb muscle-building nutrogen.Over 2 grams of Anti-Catabolic Glutamine from Glutasynth: 2 scoops of Designer Whey contain 2.7g of moisture-stable glutamine. 2 grams of L-glutamine taken orally has been shown to increase growth factors in atheletes.Enhanced Strength, Power and Recovery for Men and Women: ZinMag-6 ingredients are proven in clinical research to help increase performance, including improved strength, power, and recovery.Designer Whey contains these biologically active, clinically-proven full specturm whey peptides: Beta-lactoglobulin…~53.0% Alpha-lactalbumin…~16.0% Glycomacropeptides (GMP)…~14.0% Immunoglobulins (as IgG)…~5.0% Bovine Serum Albumin…~3.5% Lactoferrin…~1.0% Growth Factors (IGF I, IGF II, TGF-B) and lysozyme, relaxin, B-lactophan, lactollin, B-microglobulins…~2.0%Lactoperoxidase…~0.5%Very low molecular weight whey peptides including some naturally occurring free form amino acids…~5.0%

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