Chai Tea

Let the chai here at Mo’s Coffee and More transport you away from your ordinary life and into a dreamland of spice. We are excited to offer a huge selection of chai tea that’s great for every occasion, whether you are looking for a coffee alternative in the mornings or looking for a special beverage to serve to friends and family. Enjoy discovering new brands of loose leaf tea, including Stash chai tea, Tazo and more. If you love the taste and texture that milk adds to your chai, you will adore the sweet and spicy flavor of chai tea concentrate from Oregon Chai, available in vanilla, original and even herbal decaf. Get the most out of your tea experience when you shop here, where your money goes further.

Chai tea is a great way to awaken your body and your senses! We offer a huge selection because we know that everyone’s tastes are different, and we want to make sure you can find the right chai for your mood and your style. Try chai with spices, honey, vanilla and so much more. If you are a fan of the sweet taste of green tea, you can even find chai green tea. Let yourself dream and try out new and interesting flavors. Stimulate your senses with all of the beverages that we offer here at Mo’s Coffee and More, where you can find a huge variety of teas like Bigelow Cozy Chamomile and Stash black breakfast tea. If you need something for a midday pick me up, try out a Nature Factor organic coconut water or Hint cucumber water.