Nutrition Bars

If you are searching for a great-tasting snack that is also nutritious, you have come to the right place. We are excited to offer you a huge selection of healthy nutrition bars where you can find all the nutrients that you need in your diet at a price you can afford. Explore a huge range of flavors, like blueberry bliss, caramel nut brownie, almond fudge and more, from brands that you know and love. We carry a wide range of Clif bars in bulk, along with quality brands like Luna, Kind and so many more. Feel great about your choices when you can eat quick snacks that are all natural, gluten free, cholesterol free and bursting with protein and healthy carbohydrates. Shop now and enjoy snacking!

Nutrition bars go where you go, so no matter where your travels take you you’ll always be prepared. Take along a quick pick-up that’s convenient to eat anytime, anywhere, whether you are taking a break from work, finishing up a workout or out running errands. Your family will love the variety of choices here, where there is something for everyone, even your pickiest eaters. Here at Mo’s Coffee and More we offer a huge range of snacks and beverages, including tasty jerky, energy drinks and so much more. Wake up in the morning with a fresh cup of Brazilian coffee or Irish breakfast black tea. Keep the mood going throughout the day with drinks like Runa Original Zero, energy shots, Knudsen Recharge and more.